TruConoisseur Kit-Limited Time Offer

Everyone is Going Glue-Less for a Healthier Adhesive Alternative!

Our TruConnoisseur Kit has everything needed for a Professional Glue-less Wig Slay at home on your own!

Customize your kit by choosing your Lace Tint Shade Below!

Enjoy your GoGlueless Mist, GoGlueless Foam Gel, GoGlueless Lace In Place Band, TruPrecision Scissors, TruPrecision Tweezers, TruMatch Lace Conceal (color of choice) and Even Conceal Brush!

Deep Dark

Customer Reviews

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Shareia Wiseman
Mixed feelings

I was disappointed that the scissors was dull and the lace mist came out dripping causing it to run on my face(not a spray) which became sticky so I can tell it works really good. My favorites are the foam gel,twezzers and the lace tint. I added the lay in place stick and it is everything!!! I will order more of that again. Also I ordered the bronze tint but tan would've been a better choice for me! It still worked out anyway
My order came about 2/3 weeks after placing my order

Linette Richardson
Not a kit

A week ago i had sent a emailed to share my experience with this company! I had ordered a kit ($120) which came in a USPS box with all of the items that was supposed to be a kit just thrown in the box! I ordered this because my had ordered before and her kit came in a black truConoisseur box that was packaged neatly, I don’t think I’ll be ordering again you really have to take pride in your company!

Juna Emmanuel

Great product!!!

Hard to get the right color on line

The tint is great, but it’s very hard to pick the right color online. It would be nice if the there were pictures of people with similar skin tones to the product shades. It’s no fun purchasing a product, paying shipping and handling waiting weeks for it, only to find out it’s the wrong color. I would definitely purchase more often if it wasn’t so hard to get the right correct color.