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Frequently Asked Qestions


What Shade Did She Use? Will It Match Me?
Some Photos/videos content of use of product shades  may appear inaccurate to the eye due to lighting/filters. It is best to send a photo of yourself to receive assistance on shade matching
Photo For Accurate Match
Clear Image
No Glares
No Flash
Show Your Hairline or forehead area where your lace will be applied
Should Be Taken In Natural Lighting (ex. The Sun)
Important: Please be mindful of the season when purchasing due to lightening and darkening of the skin.

What Color Should My Lace Be?
TruMatch Lace Tinting System is designed to tint or darken lace to precisely match skin shades. Ideally, the Lace color should be lighter colored than the skin color you’re trying to match.

Do I Need Anything Else To Make It Look Like Yours?
TruMatch Lace Concealer is beginner and user friendly. If you’re interested in learning the art behind Lace Wig Installations, we suggest taking a course with a professional. 

What Kind Of Lace Should I Use?
TruMatch Lace Concealer  System is designed to tint lace on quality lace units that are able to absorb color

Can I Use Beauty Supply Store Lace?Can I Use It On a Synthetic Wig?
Please be sure that the lace is of quality to absorb color.

Is Bleaching the Knots Necessary?
Bleaching the knots is an optional based on stylist and consumer desired looks. Although TruMatch may aide in concealing knots in some cases, TruMatch does not replace this process.

How Do I Apply So That The Product Comes Out Right?
The proper way to apply your TruMatch Lace Concealer is by applying directly to your Even Conceal Brush, THEN apply to the desired areas on your lace.

How Much Do I Use?
Each application is different based upon the shades you’re trying to achieve. We suggest testing on a scrap piece of lace before applying to entire unit. We also advise proper use of the TruMatch Lace Concealer with the Even Conceal Brush to avoid over saturating the unit.

Can You Show Me How To Apply?
Watch Here--you may also follow us on IG for more and updated content!

Why Do I Need The Even Conceal Brush?
The Even Conceal Brush is needed to ensure optimal results:
-To avoid staining hair
-Tor even coverage, 
-To avoid blotchiness
-To avoid over use and over saturation of product 
-To experience full pigmentation of product 

Is The Even Conceal Brush Free?
All Even Conceal Brushes are sold separately unless otherwise stated
Is TruMatch Lace Conceal Waterproof?
Yes, Don't worry about the rain or swimming
Product Turned My Lace Orange, What Do I Do?
Please be sure to test shades on a scrap piece of lace prior to full application to determine the best shades for you as each shade and shade combination yields  to unique skin tone and undertones.

Can You Remove TruMatch Lace Conceal Tinting Spray from Lace? How?

TruMatch consists of a highly pigmented, long lasting formula which is not easily removed. We suggest testing shades on a scrap piece of lace before applying to entire unit.


Can I Apply My Wig With These Products?
Yes for temporary hold lasting 1-14 days at a time depending on technique used. Can be reapplied daily as often as needed with no worries of buildup 

Does This Work On Natural Hair?

It is formulated to be used on wigs and weaves however many have been spotted using on their natural hair

Why Do I Need Both? Can I Use The Mist/Foam By Itself? What Is The Difference Between The Foam And Mist?

The System is created to be used together to provide optimum results for applying Lace units. One may opt to use either for styling of their baby hair with the Mist providing best results for more natural baby hair styling and Foam providing best results for swoops and more creative baby hair styles.

How Do I Use The System? What Is It For?

Use of the GoGlueless System differs based upon technique and stylist however it is ideal when attempting a Glueless installation to secure your wig using the GoGlueless Lace In Place Mist, then Seal and/or create desired baby hair with GoGlueless Lace In Place Foam (a little goes a long way)!

If this System is used in conjunction with adhesives, you may apply the GoGlueless Lace In Place Mist to the hairline to extend the lifetime of the adhesive hold, then Seal and/or create desired baby hair with GoGlueless Lace In Place Foam (a little goes a long way)!

When Setting My Lace Using GoGlueless System For A Glueless Application, Should I Blow Dry On Hot or Cold?
Warm to cool will do the trick!

How Long Does It Last?

GoGlueless Lace In Place System is a Glueless Alternative providing temporary hold lasting 1-14 days at a time depending on technique used. Products can be reapplied daily and as often as needed with no worries of buildup!


How Do I Remove GoGlueless Lace In Place Mist/Foam Gel??
Just add water to the adhered areas, simple & safe!

TruRestoration FAQs

What Does TruRestoration Mean?

TruRestoration represents our Natural Hair Care product line that we’ve developed to return hair and scalp to its Healthy condition prior to damage from Wigs/Weaves and Chemicals.

How Do I Use The Entire Product Line? What Steps To Take?

Step 1: Cleanse hair and scalp with TruRestoration Growth Booster Stimulating Shampoo.  In this step you will feel the product working to strip away any debris/products/chemicals to prepare for a deep clean beneath the surface-Apply directly to scalp with precision tip

Step 2: Replenish the moisture with TruRestoration Growth Booster Moisturizing Conditioner.  In this step natural emollients work to soothe scalp and soften hair giving the follicles and scalp the preparation needed for Growth- Apply generously from root to end

Step 3: Awaken the Scalp with TruRestoration Resurrect Growth Oil which works aggressively to penetrate beyond the surface to stimulate for NEW Growth-Apply directly to scalp with precision tip

Step 4: Finish off with our Oil-Free TruRestoration Growth Elixir Drops around the hairline and extreme balding, thinning, or irritated/itchy areas for added hydration and moisture. Growth elixir also doubles as a daily use product for itch relief and advanced growth stimulation while wearing styles that does not take well to oil (ex: Adhesive Wig Installs, Tape Ins, etc)

Can I Use This Product On Braids?

Using TruRestoration Hair Growth and Maintenance System is highly recommended for use with protective braid styles for ultimate moisture and stimulation to promote steady hair growth

How Often Should I Use This Product?

TruRestoration Hair Growth & Maintenance System can be used as often as below:
Growth Booster Shampoo: Weekly to Bi-Weekly
Growth Booster Conditioner: Weekly to Bi-weekly
Resurrect Growth Oil: Daily
Growth Elixir Drops: Daily

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